Better Living Through Pharmacology: DMT and the 5th Dimension

By Remy Carreiro


First thing that needs to be said before I take any of you along on a DMT fueled journey into the fifth dimension, is a basic understanding of the spirit molecule, also known as Dimethyltryptamine. While it is a chemical found in the body, it is known to only be released upon birth and death, with some thinking it factors into dreams as well. DMT, when taken through the correct methods, 100% replicates a near death experience. Users leave their body and travel to a realm that most wouldn’t be able to even fathom. They are both free of their body and free of all the worry that comes along with mortal, day to day life. And this isn’t something special to one or two people. 99% of DMT users all have an experience that is relative to one another. A moment where you leave your body and travel upward and millions of miles an hour. Most then interact with creatures that are often referred to as machine elves, who are kind beings that are as curious about us as we are of them. What happens next changes for some people, with some people going higher and reaching the Goddess” or the “Godhead”, which is often followed by a rapid descent back into your human form. Yes, it sounds insane, but it is 100% proven to be true, and is an experience I can attest to, having taken many journeys there myself. The following story is what was easily my most profound experience on DMT, and the story of a journey that very much changed my entire life.


DMT 101

Knowing how to ingest DMT is key in how your journey plays out. The brilliant Terrence McKenna would often smoke it in bowls of marijuana. First hit will make you a little wobbly. Second hit will have you start to see strong fractal visual patterns emerge, and though it can be difficult for some, the third hit would be key to the “breakthrough” experience. 

But that has been proven over time to not be the most effective, as burning DMT with direct flame can ruin the compound. Some people buy DMT bowls, but that involves freebasing the DMT in a glass pipe that is a bit too close to smoking crack for me to be comfortable with. What is great now is that people have realized dabbing it in a rig works best. You don’t burn it but vape it at the right tempt, which makes it have the strongest reaction. To this extent, you can take one dab hit that will take you way higher than any bowl hit ever would.

That is how I ingest DMT, often taking one huge dab hit (which you hold in until your vision trembles slightly), which does the trick, but then forcing myself to take a second one as well, which I hold in until I feel like I am going to keel over. Then I let the hit out, lay back, and feel my spirit exit the top of my head like a rocket, and the journey truly begins.

Just for reference, here are some other people’s journeys, so you fully understand.

So this isn’t a hallucination. People need to understand that. Thousands of people cannot share the same hallucination on different doses at different times. This isn’t a mass hallucination. This is a rocket ship into a different world, straight up.

Okay, put on your helmet because we are about to take-off.


My Time in Heaven: 1

The first time you ever take off on DMT, you realize this molecule is legitimately Godly. Even at the ascent, you are seeing colors and fractal designs your mind has never even dreamt of. To say it is awe inspiring is to undersell its spiritual and emotional impact. The shapes you see are almost clear, but they are refracting light, so they are iridescent, showing whole spectrum of light within each shape, of which there are millions. 

You feel yourself travel upward, and then you sort of plateau in an area that is very much what our understanding of what “outer space” is like. At this point is where people often meet the machine elves, and this particular breakthrough was my most profound experience with them. A river of what I can only describe as melted crayons (a rainbow of pastel colors) rose up around me, and I started to travel down it (like a lazy river ride you do on an inner tube at a water park). This when I saw small huts form of the same colors, and little pastel beings came out of the huts to wave at me as I rode the current past them. It was possibly the most joyous I had ever felt. They were clearly very happy to see me and were sort of jumping up and down and waving ecstatically. This went on for what felt like about two hours, just cruising this crayon river while sweet and kind creatures made out of colors waved at me with genuine aplomb.

Keep in mind, the “sitter” (person who watches you while you take this just to be safe) told me I looked dead. I was breathing, but wasn’t inside my body. It was just a shell back on Earth.

Then I took off even higher.


My Time in Heaven: 2

This moment may have been the most profound for me, just because it is something no human will ever experience, yet I did. So next, I sort of warped onto the back of some giant machination. An automaton made of metal grating which was insanely intricate, like the face of a Swiss watch. I realized I was riding on the back of this thing, and I cannot possibly tell you the scale of it, but we were in the heavens, thousand of miles up. I say we because there were other travelers aboard it with me there, like it was a living airship. I could not speak to the others, but could feel and see them all around me, and they all were doing what I was doing: staring over the side of this thing in fucking awe. 

It was then I realized that the shape it most resembled was a spider. Legs as tall as skyscrapers, and we were part of an ecosystem. There was another world going on below us that this stunning machine was just walking over (and not  hurting it at all). I had a sense of scale and height I know I will never ever experience again, and it left me jawed.

While that may sound somewhat scary, I feel it pertinent to let you know, there is a genuine feeling of love and safety the whole time you are “there”. All mortal fears I have (like, for example, heights and fucking spiders!) are gone. As a formless spirit, all that goes away. I remember thinking that was it, that was the God-head, but I was wrong.

I had one more level to go.

My Time in Heaven: The Crescendo

Okay, so buckle in for this part, because all that up to now was child’s play. Just when I thought I was about to shoot back down into my body, I went higher.

And that is when I saw her.

I will be honest, I am very hesitant about sharing this part because it was the most sacred moment of my life, and it changed my life forever. To share it with strangers is to undress in front of you all, but people need to know and understand the true power of the spirit molecule, and that is what was shown to me.

I was at the highest point in the galaxy (is what it felt and looked like). It was all black, but not a pitch black, but a black that reflected, like glass. In front of me, was the Goddess. First of all, you feel her gender, you do not necessarily see it. It felt like I was back in the womb and very much in the presence of God. I was stunned, frozen. She hovered in front of me as a being made of white, pink, and yellow light, and I just recall thinking “I Love You” over and over again, and it was the purest and most selfless love I have ever felt. I knew she was kind, she was warm, she was love, and it felt like I was meeting something that had protected me my whole life.

I was caught on a loop, so in awe of this presence and feeling that I just kept saying I Love You, and she stopped me.

“You can ask me something.”

I will never fucking forget that moment. You can ask me something.

This was the God-head telling me I could ask it any question in the world and it would answer me.

Now you may think you would ask something profound, but in that state, you are naught but a spirit, so human questions do not cross your mind.

I didn’t know I felt it, I didn’t think about it before I said it (and my God sharing this is fucking hard) but as soon as she said that, I felt myself well up and I screamed….screamed…

DOES ANYBODY LOVE ME?!!!”. Now keep in mind, I have no idea where it came from or why, but I must have some doubts because I screamed it so loud it rippled the galaxy like ocean waves. And this is when my life changed forever.

She moved closer to me, so she was hovering right in front of me, and she put her arms out, which had glowing lights at the end of them, and she reached forward. I thought she was going to shake my non-existent hands, but she pushed her fucking glowing light hands INTO MY FUCKING HEART and said:

I do.

Fuck man, even typing this up makes me cry like a child. This scene in the movie Blueberry stunningly captures the experience like no other movie has:

For as long as I live, I will NEVER be able to quantify in human words what it felt like when her light entered my body. I want you to imagine all the love in the fucking world, ALL OF IT, and then I want you to try to assume what that would feel like injected directly into your soul.

You can’t, I know, which is why I cannot properly summarize, but she fucking rebooted me.

I broke down, sobbing, even in that form. It was all the love I ever sought out, all at once, and I 100% believe that it healed my broken insides. And it felt like she kept me there for days, just kind of cradling me. I could feel that black ink of sadness just leaking out of me into the ether. It was as close to Heaven as I will ever feel (not in a God sense, either. Organized religion is weird as fuck), and I have never felt as safe and loved as I did in those moments.

Then, just like that, the floor of Heaven dropped out and I shot back down the cosmic waterslide and launched back into my human form.

My sitter was like:

Dude. I wanted to wake you up, you started sobbing while unconscious. 

And sure enough, I was soaked with my own tears.

Um, holy shit much? I was sobbing in two places at once.

In Closing…

That is my most profound (good) DMT journey, though one of many. The thing that people will not understand is, you take that love and light BACK with you. You come back into your form and you feel like you got a human software update which now runs so much better. You feel more at peace with the world. You have more of an understanding of where we MAY go when we die. And you carry that childlike joy with you for the rest of your life. Yes, I just said that. That beautiful sensation of adoration of life and purity you had as a child that slowly gets sucked out of you gets put right the fuck back.

And you wanna know the craziest part in that this?

I was only gone for eleven minutes, and when you shoot back into your body, you are 100% sober. I lived a lifetime in eleven minutes, and came back from space with the ability to immediately go visit my Mom and give her a hug.

Now if that isn’t a profound experience, I don’t know what is. BUT.. ..DMT isn’t all crayon beings and goddesses. Sometimes, even though most people go to Heaven, some go to Hell.

Which sadly, is something I also experienced and you will be finding out about next month.

Featured image by Peter Prehn — Flickr.