What up homies,

There’s a new snack I’m eating and it’s called Wonderful Honey Roasted Pistachios. They are the best thing since getting laid in the back seat of your parents car. Either that, or they just taste like Pistachios that have had honey and salt thrown all over them in the perfect proportions.

Know what I mean?

No. I don’t think you do. That is unless you’ve tasted them, which you have not. probably not or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

About these Wonderful Honey Roasted Pistachios. Last week I went down to the 7 Eleven and I picked one of these little packs out. Turns out it’s got a ton of info on the pack that, if you knew me, you would think I didn’t understand. It’s ok. I get it, bro.

You suck.

But anyway. there’s this thing called fat, and it’s good for you. Especially when it comes from nuts. One in particular is the pistachio. It is incredibly dense in healthy fats, protein, antioxidants, etc.

Oh, and they are also known for containing nutrients which lower cholesterol and blood sugar. This, it’s basically the debut of a healthy snack that tastes awesome.

I’m talking the omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fat kind of awesome. Including the duo of vitamin and magnesium kind of awesome. And of course, the positively effects blood pressure and cholesterol levels kind of awesome. Yeah, that one. Over there. Please come to the front row. It’s all about you when it comes to health.

I mean, some people snack on potato chips and soda and gummy bears. Other people snack on M&M’s and Slurpees. Those could all technically qualify as snacks. So, if it’s snacks you’re talking about, then Wonderful Honey Roasted Pistachios are the left turn you’re looking for. Go get ’em tiger.

That said.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but there’s really not too much special in this snack. It’s basically some pistachios that have been peeled and salted and sugared up really nice, like your aunt Matilde could have done for way cheaper.

Don’t kid yourself, though. We’re being marketed to by people who know exactly what we want. And they provide it at a certain price and we’re willing to pay that price because we’ve got the money to do it and it sure is convenient.

We’re so into it.

Which is why I cannot deny that this shit is pretty good AND good for you. Just how good for you? Go find out.