Expect on thing from Look Mom I Can Fly on Netflix. In your face raw footage. Don’t expect a prologue. Few monologues or interviews. Not even a lot of dialogue. Expect to see snippets of the young star Travis Scott in the middle of living his life navigating fatherhood, stardom and disappointment.

Travis Scott is a sincere young man who has made it to the top of his game and is going insane with energy. Look Mom I Can Fly is full of fiery and fury. Youth and passion and rage. You’ll want to leap a stage. Any stage. Get the popcorn out and get ready for a show.

Cue kids leaping off stage. Cue cuts of Travis Scott’s childhood. No explanation given. No narrator. No transitions.

look mom I can fly said Travis Scott

“Got more balls than his dad, I couldn’t do that shit,” his dad says.

The young star has a way of connecting with every single member of the audience. He speaks to his audiences on a deep level and they respond. This is Beatles mania all over again.

“If a motherfucker tells you, like, you’re not tight. Fuck them. Just, like, take a chance on whatever the fuck you got going on. Trust me. You can do it. Straight up. No fear,” Scott says when asked for advice to his fans.

look mom I can fly

Cut to a filled stadium. Travis on stage, directing the crew.  “Put the spotlight on that kid right there in Sction 102.” The spot pans up to a a 16 ish white kid in kahkis, standing on the railing, both middle fingers in the air.”This is for you,” Scott says into the mic. “And you only. From me to you only. You understand what I’m saying.”

Later on Scott removes the Air Jordans from his feet and hands them to a fan. “Take care of these, all right?”

“He will notice you,” a fan says. “You put that energy in. It just changes your life. It just makes you feel, like you just go crazy, and nobody can judge you because everyone’s going crazy.”

Cut to backstage, Travis Scott escorts a fan back into the stadium. “No  motherfucking Travis Scott fan ever gets kicked out, man. You come on back,” he says.

The crowd screams. The bass groans super low. Speakers about to pop as Travis and fan position themselves at the edge of the stage. They face each other, an intimate and purposeful exchange.

“Oooh” Travis Scott croons. “Child, don’t you open that window. Yeah. Don’t you let out that antidote. Everybody sing it! Jump!” Scott slaps the fan on the shoulder who then rockets himself into the crowd. “Poppin’ pills is all we know! In the hills is all we know!”


Cuts to melodic emotional scenes of his son/daughter being born. He peers at the jelly filled bloated tummy of his girlfriend Kylie.

look mom i can fly

Back to action.

Slow-mo shots of elated fans. Tongues hanging out, screaming and sweaty. Sprinting on stage under blue and yellow lights, hurling their bodies into an ocean heads and shoulders. This is spectacle. This is transcendence. You’ll be hooked on Travis Scott.

It’s the look mom i can fly thing, ya know?

In 2018 Scott designed the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas. Excitement, mayhem and thousands of kids trampling down gates,  hurling themselves into the sky. Loud music, fireworks, look mom i can fly. It’s coming back the way the coolest kid in the class would do it. When Travis Scott was a kid it was a special place for those who still had dreams. The kids. In October of 2005 it was torn down. How would someone bring back that super hyped energy to Houston? That would be Travis Scott, a person who grew up in same position as those people in Houston.

“You know, he never forgot where he came from,” a fan says. “Looking out for the kids here. Everything he does is for the kids.”

Touching moments are interspersed.  A shot on his mama’s hip at Six Flags Astroworld. Also scoring a little league touchdown, blowing out his birthday candles. Driving his toy jeep.

Not sure why the film is titled Look Mom I Can Fly. The message I get is Travis Scott’s commitment to authenticity and staying true to his youth. This kid wants to make it bad.

Wouldn’t you?

Please. Stop trying to be God.

Look Mom I Can Fly is available now on Netflix streaming.

All images are screenshots from the film on Netflix.