Comedian Ismo doesn’t know shit and that’s okay with me.

Is it okay with you? It should be because this dude is one of the funniest comedians to hit the modern stage. Who is Ismo? Ismo Leikola is a Finnish stand-up comedian who plays up his accent and ignorance of American culture. His set will have you rolling. In fact, his set entitled “I didn’t know shit” is one that I had to watch more than once. Actually, more than twice. It’s brilliant.

ISMO is the shit. Get used to it.

The uniqueness of his delivery is a major part of his act. His accent and naive take on American culture are the magic ingredients that makes his act work. You will see your own culture for the first time and wonder why it took this Finnish guy to show you the hilarious monstrosity that is the English language.

“If something is bad, its shit,” Ismo says. “If something’s really good, it’s the shit.”

In 2002, Finland birthed the career of Ismo. And ever since, he has been gaining popularity.

He has since written and starred in two seasons of his own sitcom, ISMO. He has also filmed three DVD specials from 2008 to 2016, and has sold-out numerous concert halls and theaters across the UK and Finland.

“If I give you shit, then I am telling you off,” Ismo continues. But if I give shit, then I care.” With impeccable timing and lovable awkwardness, he continues to twist and turn this word “shit” in every which way. Each time he makes us see it with a set of fresh eyes. And he accomplishes all of this in just under four minutes.

“And I learned that my shit is always good, always positive. But your shit, his shit, her shit — always bad.”

“Your shit, his shit, her shit — always bad.”

In my opinion, this set is up there on par with Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s on first?” Yes, it’s just that good. I recommend checking out the video below and running through a few of his others.

I recommend starting with “I Love Vegans” or “To B or not to B.”  And if you ever have the chance to check him out live, you better go see that shit.

In the meantime, check this out: