Here it is: The bachelor’s delight.

Depending on who you ask, it’s like,  OK. Good. Amazing. Or the second coming of an intergalactic being from outer space.

OK, probably not that. (shrugs)

But for sure, everyone has their own take on it. Probably if you were to put it to the test, my guess is that 50% of the population would say, yeah I could go for that. With this in mind, allow me to proceed.

Cue: women eating hamburgers on cars

Cut to: Car wash. Women playing with soap suds.

And now back to the recipe. First you get pots and pans like you should do like your mama do. You bring some meatballs to boiling. I’d say 3 or 4 for a snack. A good 8 for a whole meal. You then empty the water and place them back in the pot. Drizzle some pasta sauce over the meatballs and turn heat to medium. You might have to stir a bit, but not much.

Meanwhile over at the Ranch Tonto and the Lone Ranger First Fight in Heaven. It’s a great book. Read it. And now let’s move on.

You take A piece of bread and slather it with butter. Then take the hot meatball/sauce mixture and pour it on top of the bread/butter. Like that. Yeah.

Now you have a perfectly delicious late night snack or the main dish or a full meal. Share it with whoever you want.

She or he will love this shit.

When it comes to a special night with your partner,  though, you probably want to go with melting fancy cheeses like brie onto the bread. Even better, switch up the type of bread you use. Use focaccio or olive bread. or sour dough. For this particular version, always use a condom.

After, take a picture of it with your cell phone. If you haven an LG like me, that means your life’s gangster.

Your pic will probably look a lot like this. If it does, you’ve done it right. Congratulations.

bachelor's delight

You will feel satisfied, trust

I use Kroger brand lean turkey meatballs. But you can use any type of meat or meatballs, frozen, fresh or canned. They’re probably around 14g of protein. So you’re getting the carbs from the bread, fat and protein from the butter and meatballs. The sauce, let’s face it, isn’t that healthy. But hey, that’s another article.

It’s Cheap

You could make this meal for under $5 if you’re prepared to save your leftovers or make large batches. Everything you eat at home is way cheaper than when you go out, realize that. So this meal, puts more money back in your wallet and a smile back on your face.

The stats:

Meatball: 57 calories. 3.69 grams of fat. 2.12 grams of carbs. And 3.47 grams of fat. You put it all together, that means you’re less hungry the more you eat. I’m talking good solid fuel here. But always educate yourself about the nutritional value of the foods you’re eating. Use that knowledge to make smart decisions. Don’t overdo anything.

Enjoy this for what it’s worth. I present to you: The bachelor’s delight.