Getting High on Christmas Day is the Biggest No-Brainer

During Christmas, Santa will be flying around the globe, dropping off a lot of packages. Packages means baggage. Sometimes the holidays come wrapped in family and cheer and hot chocolate. Other times it comes wrapped in depression and suicide. But one thing is for sure: lots of people will be boozing it up and staggering around singing Joy to the World. But if you´re more of the stoner variety, you may be wondering this–if everyone is pounding eggnog, what´s wrong with me taking a couple of tokes to celebrate? Getting high on Christmas just might be a match made in heaven.

Here is a closer look at what kind of babies Mary Jane and Saint Nick would make.

Santa Claus is Fat

And so should you. Smoking the herb is going to give you the munchies like crazy, right? When you sit down at the table with literally dozens of delicious treats, how are you going to eat it all? There is no way. Or is there? Trust me, you will be able to finish everything on your plate and then some, if you get super stoned about 30 minutes before Christmas dinner.

Exhibit A: The Christmas Tree

Many years ago people believed that evergreen trees were unique, especially in winter. Ancient peoples believed these special trees would keep away evil spirits, ghosts, witches and illness. Keeping in the same spirit, if you get high on Christmas Day, your uncle Leo´s blathering on will not seem quite as bad. In fact, it may even be quite funny. Keep those evil spirits away with a toke of Indica. Furthermore, Judeo-Christian beliefs and imagery are thick with trees. From the Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life, burning bush and the cross, trees play a central role in the spiritually themed holiday. It makes perfect sense. Burn trees.

Visions of Fairy Plums

When Santa Claus slides down your chimney, do you want to bother the poor old guy by rushing in to take a selfie? Dude, let the man do his work, he´s busy. Instead, smoke a fat blunt and retire for the night. Sleep right through all the clatter on the roof and wake up refreshed in the morning, ready to rip open some presents.

Cannabis is a Sacred Plant

The word holiday means holy day, and holy means sacred. Cannabis for thousands of years has a history of being a sacred/holy plant. Ancient cultures from the Americas and India have for a long time used this sacred plant for healing and spirituality. On a day often characterized by consumerism and profit, why not put the holy back in Christmas with the quick hit of the sacred weed?

Featured image by istolethetv — Flickr.