Evidently Megyn Kelly doesn´t understand what blackface is all about

A Morpheus favorite, writer Ezinne Ukoha recently weighed in on Megyn Kelly with her straightforward piece on Medium:

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record with my over-played references to how Whiteness never fails to sufficiently cleanse away the sins of White people who aren’t even sorry for their royal misdeeds.

I’m not very good at hiding my longstanding disdain for Megyn Kelly. It happened back in 2013 — during the holiday season, when she was still appropriately located at Fox News — a hate-mongering network — where anything goes when it comes to political incorrectness.

Kelly had a penchant for using her show, The Kelly File, as the preferred outlet to shame Black people by mocking the fact that Black children were convinced that Jesus was Black. And then she added Santa to the mix as an extra fuck you.

Given the fact that her god-awful segment aired during Christmastime, a festive period that’s usually reserved for the joyous mood of all children, it was particularly revolting to behold the clips of a Wicked Witch — who gleefully demeaned the imagination of Black kids in order to valiantly preserve the legitimacy of folk heroes on behalf of White kids.

That bitchy move was followed by the callous rant against a Black woman, who made the news cycle in the summer of 2015, when graphic footage of her violent encounter with a traffic cop went viral. It was a painful reminder of how Black lives don’t matter.

And while Megyn Kelly evidently enjoyed downplaying the relevancy of the mission statement that propels the organization that’s fighting the good fight, it was even more unbearable to witness the demonization of Sandra Bland — courtesy of a privileged White woman — who is quite aware of how she will never have to endure the tragedy of police brutality.

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