5 Principles of Successful Relationships

A lot of people are asking how to have a successful relationship. There are certain things which every relationship needs to make partners happy. These is trust, understanding, commitment, care, and, of course, interest. Read the following tips for a successful relationship to know what to do to make yourself and your partner happy. You can also find lots of examples here.


All successful relationships are founded on trust. It is impossible for you and your partner to be happy and have mutual understanding without trust. Your main task is to believe in each other. You cannot rely on somebody you can’t trust. Therefore, do your best to be honest and stay that way. Never lie to your partner or keep something a secret. There should be no secrets between you and your partner. Aim for complete and total transparency. The more honest you are the better. There should be no limits to honesty. You should also ask the same from your partner.

Effective Communication

One of the most important keys to a successful relationship is to communicate effectively. You should express yourself as clearly as possible. A lot of people intentionally make it harder to understand them as if it pleases them to see how others go out of their way to understand what is being said. Make understanding you easy for your partner. Don’t keep silent and always try talking things out. That’s what we need close friends, family, and relationships for.


To avoid jealousy and do not hurt the feelings of your partner you should not seek other relationships. In traditional monogamous relationships two partners devote their entire lives to each other. This commitment should be honored and respected. It is really pretty easy to hurt your partner’s feelings but it is not as easy to fix things up afterwards. So cheating of any kind is a bad idea because it always leads to a breakup.

No Jealousy

It is said that every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons. One of these reasons is the absence of jealousy. Partners who easily get jealous only prove that they lack trust and are not sure about each other. But if partners have faith in each other and have trust, jealousy has no place in relationships. Jealousy easily leads to hatred, contempt, paranoia, and other negative things.

Mutual Understanding

If you’re asking what makes a successful relationship, then mutual understanding is surely the thing you’re looking for. What does it mean to be understanding? And how do you do it? First of all, your task is to accept your partner and don’t try changing him/her. Love means acceptance. If you’re trying to change your partner, it only shows that you don’t love the person you’re in a relationship with. You love somebody else and are trying to make your partner into this somebody. Being in serious long-term relationships requires you to compromise. Neither you, nor you partner should always think only about your own personal interests. In successful relationships partners think about common interests.  

Now you know the principles of successful relationships. Your main objective is to make an effort to avoid jealousy and cultivate trust. Next, you need to reach mutual understanding. In happy serious long-term relationships partners eventually become able to understand each other without words. Trust is very important. You should trust your partner and be reliable, so that your partner can confide in you. You should be faithful and expect faithfulness in return. Finally, you should communicate effectively, which implies that you express yourself as clearly as possible.


Featured image by Ray — Flickr.