12 Golden Rules for a Summer Fling

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Actually, all of us heard that a vacation romance is wrong. A summer fling is not serious or moral and it does not last for long. Anyway, let us be honest. Spending a summer without a love interest is boring. There is a huge amount of differences between serious relationships and a short summer affair. That is why, you need to acknowledge them before the beginning of a flirt. You can find a lot of examples on the international dating website.

A resort romance can do you no harm if you do it in the right way. We have collected 12 important rules you need to stick to get what you want and make your romantic summer remarkable.  

  1. No companions

If a summer fling is the main goal of a vacation, better go there alone. Friends, relatives and acquaintances may have different plans for your holiday. Remember that loneliness is your freedom in this special case.

  1.  Don’t be afraid to go abroad

You are a different person on a vacation, so do not be afraid to cross the borders. The fact that you break out of your comfort one and do not depend upon your colleagues, friends’ expectations, enlarges your fantasy. Throw off your limits and the goal of your trip will be reached.

  1. Don’t think too much

When you look for a wife/husband, you filter society to get the richest, most attractive and reliable. That is why a holiday fling develops faster and goes so well. Don’t look for somebody too specific. Just jump into the swimming pool naked with a hottie and you’ll be on cloud nine, for sure!

  1. Go for it

A vacation usually takes just a few days. No time for lingering over things and doubts. Ask the way, join different beach games and activities and simply smile, because you are on a vacation. Just do it.

  1. Reveal your inner beauty

Don’t wear thick leather pants in hot weather to seduce somebody. Remember that even in comfortable clothes you are a sexual object for everyone who surrounds you. Pay attention to the way you move and behave. Be yourself.

  1. Look for the males/females

The most evident point. There are plenty of people on the beach, at your hotel and on the streets. During the shortest period of time, you can make out with each of them. Just concentrate on your desires and taste.

  1. Bring the romance back

It is necessary to make all the stages of relationships happen during a fling. A flirt in a bar, a first kiss inspired by an amazing view, a first touch by massaging a lotion on the beach.

  1. Should it happen?

The most widespread question of a summer fling is whether to have sex or not. However, the paradox of it is the fact that fling sex is always spontaneous. That is why it is so sweet and passionate. Therefore, stop asking stupid questions and do what you feel like doing.

  1. Go with the flow

Just relax. Forget about all your romantic failures, break-ups and exes. Only then, you will fully enjoy the vacation and get the valuable experience. A summer romance is often not the cure for the boredom, but the way to discover something new about yourself. Enjoy the process and don’t plan anything.

  1. Make a dream come true

One of the differences that makes a resort fling special is an improved reality. It is up to you to decide what you want to improve. A new sex posture or a naked photo-shoot?

  1. Not for husbands or wives

Only single people are allowed to have short affairs. If your family life does not satisfy you, a summer fling will puzzle you even more and create a snowball effect. Deal with all your home stuff at home.

  1. Do not indulge in illusions

If you do, you will join those losers who hope for the continuance of a summer fling. If you are too serious about it, you’ll regret it. Just take it for what it is, and have fun.

Featured image by Babak Fakhamzadeh — Flickr.