At one time, we thought robots would be able to do our dishes and vacuum our living rooms. It’s 2017 and that is not the case, at least for most people. Not to say that robots haven’t lived up to their expectations, though. Indeed, robots can do all sorts of amazing feats. They can fulfill sexual needs, deliver packages, and compose music. Oh, and they have also been know to do the occasional robot backflip.

At Boston Dynamics, folks have created Atlas, a robot that can perform the backflip with precision, if not grace. It can leap from platform to platform with ease and thrown down some acrobatics that will leave you wondering why you can’t do that.

According to Wired: “Over the years, it’s grown not only more backflippy but lighter and more dextrous and less prone to fall on its face. Even if it does tumble, it can now get back up on its own. So it’s not hard to see a future when Atlas does indeed tread where fleshy humans dare not.”

Clearly we as humans need to up our game. It’s time to hit the gym and develop some 21st century skills, otherwise we might be phased out by robotic gymnasts. What’s next? Robots that juggle? Don’t quit your day job.

Check out the video and ask yourself how this headless wonder does robot backflip after robot backflip when most of us can barely do a cartwheel.