We Are A Nation of Nihilists Who Don’t Even Know It

“The secret to a fulfilled life is to stop pretending one exists.” ~Remy

Nihilism, for those who don’t know, is (by definition):

The rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.

An idealism born of the very fact that all that we do in society has no impact or meaning and that, regardless of how fruitful we lived our daily lives, those lives are without hope, justifiably. It may sound extreme on paper, but I want you to take a look at modern news and tell me I’m wrong. Pop over to ONE of your many social media feeds and see the overall vibe humanity is sending out as a collective right now and tell me I’m wrong.

I’m not wrong.

All that bitching you see (and do) and constantly hear in your daily life. All the complaining everyone uses social media platforms for now. The general feeling of sickening malaise that has cast itself over our society as a whole. You see it, right? You hear it and feel it all around you like the way the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up during an electrical storm, don’t you? We have given up. We no longer try to change anything, we just hate it, all, all the time, and carry very little hope with us as a people.

Um, sorry to wake you all up on a proverbial Monday, but that IS nihilism. You can’t embrace and adopt a lifestyle choice and then hiss when you don’t like the name. That is not how life works, you nihilists.

Nihilism 101 (or) A “Crash” Course in Letting Go of The Wheel

Most people scour the earth their entire life to find the tiniest grain of salt that will give their non-essential existence even a glimmer of hope or meaning. I get that, I write. I leave a footprint behind me (even though I know, for better or worse, it doesn’t even make a ripple in a puddle in the big scheme of things)..

Welcome to nihilism. That won’t be the last time I say that. This is a  big place, there is a lot to learn.

The very birth of the Nietzschean philosophy is based around the pointlessness of all life and all things (and the eventual idea that seeking out better things or a better life is futile and pointless).

Now some people want to call Nihilism “negativity” or compare us nihilists to people who focus on the glass being half empty, but if the glass is indeed, half empty, why is someone wrong for pointing that out? Great, some people see it half full, but understand:


They never have been. It IS half-empty. Some of you just word it differently.

And the FUNNIEST part in all this is, I am friends with you, I have slept with quite a few of you, I have known some of you my whole life. I read your Facebook feeds, it is clear, most of you are there too, always pissed off at how broken things are and losing hope more and more everyday but you just don’t have the balls or vulva to just admit to yourself that our FUCKED UP WORLD has driven you to Nihilism.

You think yourself better than it.

I am a nihilist. You are not better than it. You are meaningless. Not saying it to be mean, understand, this is a belief system and it is one that has taken over the world.

I am meaningless, too, but at least I know what I stand for and accept proper titles as opposed to fighting them for no reason whatsoever.

If You’re Not Nihilists, Why Does Everything You Say (and Post) Lack Hope?

One doesn’t have to go to a special service like the weird-ass Catholic church and get dunked under water to be a nihilist. One does not need to attend special classes or go anywhere on Sundays and have a priest molest them, which they then keep inside them until  Netflix needs another fucked up “kids getting raped” documentary, which they do seem to thrive on (Nihilist Netflix).

ANYONE looking at social media right now can smell something, burning and bubbling just under the surface. It is a massive, onyx colored wad of hate, slowly forming into something. Becoming something much bigger, and we feed it and feed it. It grows and undulates and mutates, but it never vanishes. Just silently grows bigger and more all-encompassing.

I will actually share two Facebook posts with you, right now, that are on my feed RIGHT NOW and definitely lose two friends over this, but I am nihilist so it is worth it to prove my point:

I am so over all this bullshit, someone wake me up when the world is normal again.

Coming on Facebook only makes me hate my life even more.

On top of that, there was once a time on social media, years back, when all you saw were adorable kitten videos and maybe a few harmless fail clips. Did you know car accidents and people getting run over on bicycles are now part of FAIL compilations online? Does anyone else see that things just went from fluffy and cute to snuffy and puke awfully fast?

Yup, nihilism spreading its roots further.

Oddly enough, all people share now are videos of cops killing black people (which does need to fucking stop, not the sharing but the actual shooting part) and some “shock of the day” news story about a dog being found skinned but still alive or some sick shit like that.

Only a nihilist would hit SHARE on a video with things getting maimed, mauled, or otherwise backing up their very idea set that all life IS, indeed meaningless.

You ALL feel it, you ALL see it and live it, yet you just ALL just didn’t know it had a name.

Not All Hope is Lost, Welcome to Optimistic Nihilism

While I could be given a book’s worth of a word count here and still have more to say, I  don’t want to leave all you poor, hopeless people without hope (oxymoronic, I know) so I decided to tap into the brilliant YouTube channel of Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell and share with you the offbeat but completely acceptable concept of optimistic nihilism, which IS a thing:


So you don’t have to feel complete loss of hope or sense of permanent existential dread at all times if you are feeling particularly nihilist, as that very feeling can be comforting to some. Much more so than the idea that there is a place filled with fire and ass-raping demons (and the even sillier idea that Auntie Jean is living on a cloud with her famous souffle’, waiting to see you again).

As an adult, letting go of impossible beliefs is a sign of growing up. That, my friends, is also nihilism. The day you found out Santa was real as a kid was the first time you were force fed Nihilism (by your parents, no less) and that is but ONE example of how many in your life?

Ask yourself, then ponder all you just read, you fucking nihilist.

So Accept The Hopelessness Of The Ideals You’ve Already Embraced (and At Least Admit to Yourself You Have Been Very Nihilist Lately)

Listen, I am not here telling you that you are worthless or life is pointless (even though you are and it is). I am here as a mirror and nothing more. I am simply reflecting and playing back the overall vibe of humanity in 2017, so don’t kill the messenger. I am not attempting to suck any joy out of your life (by the way, can we talk about how funny it is you had kids thinking they would fill the void and the void is still there but now you are only more poor and always tired? Bad call there, but to each their own).

Granted, I am not here to tell you there is any meaning, because there isn’t.

Just stop pretending like you are all hanging onto the single thread of some red balloon of hope that clearly floated away MANY years ago.

Speaking of which, you think the movie IT is about a monster, and it isn’t. IT is nihilism and the sickening feeling that we are forced to grow up and lose all our hope, despite how hard we fight it.

Why do you think IT has a (natch, MANY) red balloons? Because he is a sign of forced adulthood and the holder of ALL our loss of innocence, all those balloons we all lost once, though few seem to get that about IT, as clear a message as it is.


Plus, at the end of the day would you rather be nihilist with an understanding of disappointment or one of these fucking creepers:

Thought so.

Welcome to Nihilism. Pull up a seat but take comfort in knowing it won’t be a comfortable chair.