Did You Know the World’s Most Dangerous Hallucinogen Is In Your Spice Rack Right Now?

It was a late-night and a bunch of us were working overnight at the group home, some by choice, others not so much. The kids were all passed out so some staff moves their chairs near one another so we could shoot the shit a little during the silence and solitude normally reserved for an overnight shift of watching special needs kids sleep.

We were a motley crew, a varied as we were altruistic, and our conversations were never boring, but this night was exceptional. We were all sitting with Mike, an older gentleman who was cool as hell and had dealt with insane shit his whole life (was a semi-professional  wrestler for awhile so that kinda gives you an idea). The conversation turns to drugs as late night conversations often do. We talk through the usual  stuff (the basics, as they call it) and that is when Mike drops a bomb.

He tells us that the most powerful hallucinogen known to man was in the house, one floor down, in the spice cabinet of a group home. Fucking Nutmeg of all things. He told me to take some if I didn’t believe it but he said it with such conviction I immediately checked my phone and wouldn’t know you know:

Nutmeg IS one of the strongest and deadliest hallucinogens known to man.

Well I’ll be damned.

Nut the Fuck?

So all those Christmases you watched Auntie Peg pour a little nutmeg over her cocoa and you coulda just poured the whole thing down your throat and made Christmas with family a wee bit more tolerable.

Just kidding, pretty sure shitting your pants and seeing demons does not a good Christmas make (I should know, I am FAMOUS for the great Christmas riot of 1999, which I am STILL not allowed to speak of, legally).

The nutmeg “high” is not so much a high as it is hallucinating from being poisoned. That’s right, kids, in the case of Nutmeg, do not mistake being poisoned with tripping balls, whereas they can go hand in hand, this is where they slow-dance in a deadly tango. A spice, a poison, and a hallucinogen we use around the holidays.

Seriously, nut the fuck is going on?



Nutmeg is Also (Obviously) Very Poisonous

So not only will it cause days of strong, vivid hallucinations of the worst kind, it also actually kills you (or has the capacity to and has killed others seems a more accurate way to put it). I was the idiot who had taken all the drugs before so my thought was “I took Mescaline while AT high school and was fine, what is THIS shit gonna do to me?” and as I was raising the spoon to the (frankly, naive) mouth, Mike hit the spoon away and turned his challenge into a…

“Don’t Fuck With That Shit” Stance

Now I know, we live in a drug hungry culture. I get it more than most, do you actually read my writing? If you did, you would know. I am like some stupid, hulking beast who is like “I will learn my lesson the hardest way possible every fucking time.”

“So why did you tell us about it if you weren’t going to let one of us try it?” He then went on to tell me the story of a staff who had accepted his challenge and ended up being rushed to the hospital, lost his job, and stayed mentally unstable for quite some time. “I was more interested in informing you all, rather than make you want to do it. If anything, I wanted to scare you all away.” I respect that but also, damn. The self destructive part of me (which is 9/10ths of me, by the way) believes I would survive it. Yeah, I would shit and puke a lot, and maybe I wouldn’t come back as myself. Who knows? But I knew from the tone in his voice he wasn’t fucking around, so I wasn’t, either. Not worth it at all, but I came close. A few more days of online research following the discussion validated his statements entirely.

This was NOT to be fucked with. So how is it legal? Truthfully, SO FEW PEOPLE KNOW THIS that they justify having it on shelves for that reason alone.

What they don’t know can’t hurt them, right?

No, that’s wrong. I might not know a tree is about to fall on my car but that doesn’t make the impact any less painful, you feel me?

The “Just Because You Have It” Rule

Don’t be stupid and implement the “we have to take it just because we have it” rule. Yes, all of you probably have nutmeg in your spice rack right now, but let me tell you some details of what goes along with a Nutmeg drug trip From ABC News:


About 30 minutes to an hour after taking large doses of nutmeg, people usually have severe gastrointestinal reactions, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. But that’s just the beginning. Hours into the high, people can suffer from heart and nerve problems as well.

“This is where people have to be really alert,” said Gaylord Lopez, director of the Georgia Poison Center in Atlanta. “A person who has an unrecognized heart ailment could have problems that could lead to irregular rhythms. One plus one can add up to nine really quickly.”

Visual, auditory or sensory hallucinations do not set in until hours after ingesting the spice, so there is also the worry that someone could overdose, thinking they haven’t taken enough to feel anything.

Dr. Marcel Casavant, medical director of the Central Ohio Poison Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, said that it is fairly common for teenagers to experiment with household products to get high. And the results can be devastating.

So they justify still having it around by saying not enough people know, yet the poison control seems to think otherwise. Speaking of poison control…..

Poison Control Information

So they justify it by saying not enough people know what Nutmeg can do, yet some higher ups seem to think otherwise.

Do not fuck with Nutmeg, period. I, like Mike before me, find this whole Nutmeg drug thing very interesting, but not nearly enough to poison myself. If you know someone who has ingested Nutmeg, call and contact Poison  Control immediately (1-800-222-1222). That is how serious this is.

Remember, just because something can be classified as a drug doesn’t mean you should take it. Nightshade could be a drug if handled correctly and you don’t see people sucking on the petals of those, do you? Being poisoned and being high are NOT one and the same. In this case, just stay away from the shit unless you are sprinkling a little bit on Egg Nog, cuz that is about  the only place it really belongs (outside of some bomb thanksgiving treats).

So the long and the short here is, you have a deadly hallucinogenic in your spice rack right now and I’m not telling you so you do it, I am telling you so you DON’T do it and hopefully inform others of the unknown threat as well. And if you are dumb enough to still want to take it after reading this, you are just a suicidal person who wants to go out in a really, REALLY bad way, real fucking talk.


Featured image by mr.smashy: Flickr