How A Fidget Spinner Is Helping Me Beat My Drug Addiction

Ah, the fidget spinner. A source of much laughter and mockery by society right now, and I’ll admit: I was guilty of that, too. First time I saw the things this year, I laughed (by the way, is it just me or did these things just suddenly appear everywhere? Because one day no one had one or knew what it was and the next day suddenly they were everywhere).

I thought to myself what the hell can spinning a weighted object do for someone? Might as well just play with your hands or make paper airplanes or something. But then I was being a wise ass and went out and bought a friend one as a joke, but then something strange happened. I watched her promptly take to it. She bites her fingernails to the point where they are bony stubs, yet within ten minutes holding this thing, I saw that behavior stop. She was redirecting herself with it, and it was working.

Now anyone who follows my writing on here (thank you for that, by the way) knows I am in the throes of beating a very serious and deadly drug addiction right now to Xanax and Benzodiazepines. The things pretty much killed me. So I see her fiddling and fidgeting, make the connection about how it IS clearly distracting her, and leave and go buy myself one immediately. As silly as they may seem, as trivial as spinning something is, with a blind, dead God is my witness, this shit is distracting me and genuinely helping me beat my addiction for just that reason.

Trust me, I didn’t see this coming, either, which is exactly why I think this news need to shared. If it can help me with a deadly addiction, think of what it could potentially do for others.

Yes, The Actual Spinner Does NOTHING But Spin

Make no mistake, the fidget spinner is just that. There are no secret tricks or hidden things here. A fidget spinner is a weighted object designed to spin frequently with a good amount of force and resistance in your hand. It makes a zen-like noise and spins, that is IT! It is PURELY a distraction tool. But here is the kicker. What if you need to be distracted from something massive and relentless? Yes, a fidget spinner is great for when you are waiting for your levels to load while gaming or they could also be great to fuck around with if stuck in a traffic jam or similar circumstances. But how well would these things work for a guy who wants to eat some pills that will kill him?

Well, let’s find out.

Week One:  Skeptical (Though Batman Helps)

fidget spinner

The first fidget spinner I purchase is a yellow Batman symbol. I do this to really drive home the fact that it is shocking I have ever been with a woman and to validate my insecurities, while emphasizing my nerdom. I immediately take to it, though. It is plastic and kinda spastic (not balanced well,  which ends up sometimes being an issue for these things, as I would come to find out.)

Thing is, it is distracting me. It really is. Maybe it is because I smoke pot, maybe it is because this is a new thing to me, but honestly, I buy this thing expecting to laugh at it, and within a week, I am seeing how long I can get it to spin without it stopping.

This means I am sitting with one of these spinners in my hand, counting for up to three minutes. Before I had this spinner, getting me to sit still for ten seconds was unheard of, let alone sit there for three minutes watching it spin and doing little else.

This worries me a little that I may have a brain injury because why does a spinning object hold my interest so much, but fuck it, it does.

That means it’s working. Huzzah to that shit!
Week Two: Impressed

Wow, I will stand behind the fact that this fidget spinner works amazing for redirecting the mind. Whether I am sitting, writing, and hitting a blank, or if I suddenly find myself stressed out with the urge to find a pill or some other easy escape, a quick-three minute spin redirects my mind enough that I can distract myself away from those thoughts and urges, even if just for the moment (which is all I need, as we all live moment to moment in a battle like this).

But I am also starting to notice this two dollar fidget spinner is not quite up to the standards I want for my “fighting drug addiction” tool, so I decided to upgrade. For something as serious as addiction, I need an upgrade. I do some searching and find my very own “Cadillac” version of the fidget spinner.

I upgrade immediately, at the minor cost of eight more dollars than the  bat symbol spinner, and gone is all the plastic replaced by weighted metal, which means MORE SPINS per dollar.

Yeah, I know, kinda sad but bear with me, beating addiction is no easy feat and anything that can help me do it is a huge benefit to my life, no matter how silly it may appear to others.

Trust me, I am as surprised by the results as everyone else, if not more so.

Week Three: New Spinner

Check this baby out:

fidget spinner

You gotta admit, as far as ‘spinny toys to distract people’ go, that thing is pretty legit looking. It looks more like a throwing star than a fidget spinner so it takes away from the mockery factor, and if you put it between your knuckles one edge sticks out further, so if I ever need to break a pane of glass or a glass jaw without hurting myself, this bitch has me covered there, too.

Truth is, I genuinely like it. It feels far more weighted and balanced. The Batman spinner would give me two minutes of spinning without cessation. Whereas this sexy fuckers can run for about five minutes on one good spin.

It also gives a tiny fix for anyone who has ever wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune or to spin that money wheel on The Price is Right. It kinda feels like that every time. But for anyone reading this and knowing the theme of the piece, it should already be clear…

Week Four: Fidget Spinners Have Helped Me

That is the final conclusion. From feeling the need to seek out a better spinner and then searching for it to counting how long it spins, this thing is clearly a distraction for me, and that is truly just what any recovering addict needs. Something that can redirect their brainwaves when they get self-injurious or self-destructive impulses.

As a matter of fact, I am going to try to advocate for these things to get placed into the hands of all struggling addicts of any kind, be it alcohol, heroin, or pills. All the mind needs is a spark to redirect its impulses, and this once-seemingly-stupid thing does just that.

It is a ball of yarn for the short time we spin it, and we are the kitten.

If that is enough to keep me from popping a Xanax (that and support and personal strength, make no mistakes, it is a multi-tiered effort), than I think fidget spinners are a blessing and I am grateful they appeared from nowhere, right when I needed them most.

Will it work on your demons? I cannot say, but I can say it helps with mine and what’s the most you have to lose? Five bucks? Well worth it if you ask me.

Featured image: fidgetcircle: Flickr