The Reason WHY Women Are Paid Less (and It’s Not That All Men Hate You)

Donald “just grab ‘em by the pussy” Trump decided to make April National Sexual Assault Prevention month. Weird, I would think that should be a 365 days a year type of thing, but not anymore. One month now. Seems fair. I say this because this has opened the door to the discussion lately that women are treated like second-hand citizens in society and by pop culture itself. THAT discussion opened the door (again) for the “women make 25% less than men in the workplace” argument.

In 2017, should women make any less then men? Fuck no. We should all be on an even tier. That is how I genuinely feel. So before you all get the hatchets out to rend my flesh from my bones, please understand that I THINK WOMEN AND MEN SHOULD BE PAID THE EXACT SAME AS MEN. I just committed that to print, which will be published and then exist FOREVER. Even after both you and I die, this article will linger here and people will know, well damn, Remy wanted equal pay for women, too.

BUT…..(heh heh)

Let us not forget there was (keyword WAS) a very valid reason women got paid less, initially. Very valid, yet all humans who argue this issue never bring it up.

Ima bring it up.

So Women Should Make Less Than Men?

No, I already said that everyone should be paid equal. Moving on.

Why Women MADE Less Than Men

What? You mean women aren’t just paid less because “They’z iz womenz”? Women aren’t just paid less because they are “oppressed under the crushing boot of a patriarchal society?” Well, the second one is kinda true, but yes, the reason women made less initially actually makes some sense.

MADE sense, made sense. Why it is still practiced is beyond me, but I CAN tell you why they put that rule in place initially. In case you don’t know, it is because…

Men Can’t Have Babies

Therefore, men did not EVER ask for nine months off. Whereas maternal leave was (and still is) very much a “thing.” While all the coolest women I know worked through their pregnancies and would have had it no other way, there was a time when a pregnancy meant put ALL OTHER THINGS on the back burner. And let us not forget, this was also back in the days when, if a young woman didn’t get married and have kids, they would call her and “Old Maid” (now that shit’s just cruel) so women who CHOSE not to have babies were not exactly smiled upon. So it was with that very thinking in mind they set up the salary difference.

It may seem like small change to you but to a small business, losing employees for months at a time would often mean posting financial losses for the fiscal year. By doing basic gender-math, women WERE working less than men (when they first entered the workforce), therefore, they were making less. Not saying I agree with it. Just want more people to be aware it is not just a rule born of misogyny. For many small business owners, it was done out of necessity.

I won’t even get started on their feeling towards a woman’s monthly cycle but that was another excuse they tried to use implying you would all be calling in “sick” when you had your period. Yeah, we were a weirdly under-educated society as a whole, no doubt about that.

But wait, it gets stupider….

This Wage Debate Is A Perfect Example of Old, Outdated Laws Still on The Books

Did you know if I went to a wake tomorrow in the state where I live, it is ILLEGAL for me to have more than three sandwiches? Crazy, right? Well, it gets crazier. In Massachusetts, it is still illegal for a woman to be on top during intercourse. A fact that 100% true! Why do I bring those up? To show you examples of outdated laws that stay on the books for no other reason than people are too lazy or lethargic to care. Here is one more just to put it in perspective:

Bullets may not be used as currency.

That is a real Massachusetts law, no joke. So understand, women getting paid less glares more at the old laws people refuse to change than it does a patriarchal society, hell-bent on ruining all women. Though there is some validity to that claim, too, sadly.

What Women Should Do Next!

I’m a man so I have less say in this than anyone thinks. And a man giving advice to women about how to handle this is kind of insulting, I get that, but hear me out. Please?

The best of us men want the salary differential to change and so do you, but all the marches and protests and pretty, folded ribbons make NO impact. They are like tossing a pebble into the ocean. A small ripple may appear but no one will feel or see it but you. What you need to do next is gather together collectively and, not kidding, stop showing up to work.

If every woman in the country AGREED to this on the same day at the same time, the end result would be a work world that suddenly awakened to just how crucial and important females roles are. You are NEEDED, but maybe no one will see that until you all stand up collectively and demand the proverbial soapbox and microphone!

But until you all roar loud enough to be heard, you are still going to be treated like breeders. I don’t agree with it, I’m genuinely sorry, but I also know there is little I can do to change it.

I’m really just here to inform and educate, and hopefully on some level, that helps someone.

So there’s the cold truth, penned in immortal, internet-ink for all to see. Is the future unchangeable? Well, we better start trying to change it’s path so we can find out. And as if it matters, ladies, you are not fighting this alone. Equal pay for everybody, period. We will stand behind you and shout it, too, if you think it will help. Injustice is injustice, and that is not tolerable in any form.

But I have a good feeling there are some long-needed changes coming soon, so ladies, keep fighting that good fight. You ARE being heard.

Featured image by Sam Javanrouh via Flickr.