“I’m a redneck American. I believe in right and wrong. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Politicians and lawyers are the biggest crooks.”

Quick Stats

Age: 68

Occupation: Longshoreman (retired)

Salary: $200,000 a year

High school diploma: Yes

Books read: 1

Houses you own: 4

Computers ever owned: 0

Credit cards ever had: 0

Military Service: Sniper in Vietnam

Tours served: 2

Cell phone bill: $100/ year. (400 min/yr.)

Current accumulated minutes: 1600

Military Service

Nash X asked me not to use his real name. “When you’re a sniper, they put a bounty on you. That’s something I think about a lot.”

He enlisted in Vietnam and servied 13 1/2 months, and then signed on for 1 more tour. “I loved ‘the juice’ (killing people). I’ve got a big body count. Men, women, and children. It was get killed or kill them.”

Since then,  a lot has changed. “After I came back the second time, I started thinking about it. I’m not a violent person anymore.”

He had nightmares for 6 months. “They were about the people I killed,” he says. Nash checked into the VA hospital 3 times in order to deal with the stress and nightmares from his experiences.



Nash bought his home in Burbank, CA for $25k.

After he got back from Viet Nam, his Lieutenant put in a good word for him and he filled out an application to be a longshoreman.

Fresh out of the military, he made $60/hr. Sunday premiums were about $122/hr. and the workday was 11 1/2 hours. He took no mealtime penalties because he brought a sack lunch.



Nash X has a son.

He bought him a car at 16. Another car at 18.  A truck at 21. He gave him $20,000 for a down payment on a house. He told him, “Just don’t change your name.”

His son ended up changing his last name, and the last time they’ve talked was 23 years ago.

“Don’t let anyone tell you boys don’t cry,” he says. “I’ve cried twice. When my mom died and when my son changed his name. You could have put two buckets under me to catch the tears. I was crying like a little baby.”

His will goes to his sister. “My sister is everything to me. She gets my Sparkletts jugs full of coins. But ONLY IF she doesn’t take it to the machines. She has to roll each one.”



Nash has read one book: Upside Down Town, which he read in 3rd grade. He has since gone back to take reading classes to improve his reading skills.

“I was taking a reading class at a library. The reason I don’t go to class anymore is because I got laughed at by younger kids. I told them I can’t remember what I read. It was embarrassing. I was humiliated.”

However, he has changed his mind and wants to give it another try. “I’m thinking about going back.”

Nash X went to many different high schools until he finally graduated.

“The only way I got my high school diploma was because of Mr. (Jones). He said, ‘Don’t be absent more than 4 times or I will fail you. Just show up. I don’t care if you sleep on the desk. Just don’t be absent. That’s about what I did.”



“I would not commit suicide. It’s in the Bible. If you do, you won’t go to heaven.”

“I go to church a couple of times a month. I go to the bank first and get 2 dollars. I put in an envelope for Father O’Brien.”

“I’m a faulty Catholic. I go in and talk to God my way. I tell him ‘How you doin there, God? Do me a favor, will ya? Bless me and my sister and my two cats. Give us health and happiness and guidance. Give my cats extra guidance ’cause they’re so spoiled.”

“I tell God ‘I’m so perfect,’ and then I hear a chuckle.

Random quotes

“I’ve only had one ticket in 40 years.”

“In 10 years kids won’t talk to each other. It’s the fucking texting.”