Why Parents Having Babies in 2017 Are Selfish

We are alive during a very ugly time in history right now. There are power shifts happening that have left some people very uncomfortable and feeling not at home in their own country. Many people are saying that the world has never felt more doomed. Keep in mind, someone has been saying this about humanity since the dawn of mankind, so we are treading nothing new here. But what I do find interesting is even with all the fiscal inflation, violence in the world, the way social media is turning us all into Gollum from Lord of the Rings, people are STILL having kids.

You just add it all together and end up with an ugly picture. A mess of a world on the verge of literally melting, with less and less natural resources for us to mine without mining dry this already overpopulated planet. So why are people bringing babies into THIS world? Why are people bringing children up in a world they themselves admit is pretty much broken and circling the drain? Well, they are trying to fill a void in their own lives and not thinking far ahead enough to know they are setting up a child to live in a damned world that will be more happy to step on that child than to nurture it. Side note, that child doesn’t fill the void. Nothing does, thus the word VOID.

Hey, We Don’t Get Along So Maybe We Should Have Kids?

You may scoff at the above statement but the sad fucking part is it’s true. Broken couples convince themselves that having a child together will glue-seal fix them. They think having a child will make them suddenly grow up and start putting themselves last instead of first.

But guess what? They just end up with another broken child in a broken world.

Don’t get me wrong, you have a kid it will fool you at first. Kids are just like heroin. When you first “try” them they are the best thing that ever happened to you, and 3 years in you can’t even feel that high anymore. I know this because I am smart enough NOT to bring kids into this world. I accept my gaping void, and know for a fact I will live with it until I die.

I seek no outside force to fill that. And people who fill it with a newborn are the most fucked up of all.

Babies Are Not A “Fix”

“If it weren’t for this kid, I swear I’d be dead.” Yes, many of my friends have told me that. While it could be said that is a massive compliment to the child, what does that say about you? So your child is an anchor that keeps you from drifting off into the darkness? Cool? Now what do YOU do for that kid? Nice to see the kid is doing something for you, but here’s the thing. This is not about YOU. This is about the new life you just brought into a corrupt and broken world.

Did you know one out of six people has herpes? This means you get your kid in a room with five other people, there is about an 100% chance one of them has herpes. How long before that one is your kid? And that’s JUST HERPES.

Don’t even get me started on rape statistics. Not only would you not have a kid, but YOU wouldn’t leave the house for the rest of your life. Yet you want to bring a child into this fuckwad of a world right now, where no one can find work, everyone is struggling financially, anxiety prescriptions have reached a worldwide high and, of all places, Cape Cod (once America’s hometown) now has the worst heroin problem in the U.S.? Oh yeah, PERFECT time to have a child. Totes go for it!

Actually, this is NOT the same world you were born into (Mandela effect), and by bringing a child into this, you set them up for a damned life of struggle and pain. You kinda suck for that. Someone needs to tell you.

I just did. You kinda suck for that.

Our Obsolete World

So you think you’re gonna be able to raise your kid, that is the best part. Hell no, no one who lives with normal income can do that as both parents need to work now. Your kid will be raised by some Nanny or Aunt and then thrown into a school system that YOU ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH ABOUT YOU WILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR KID IS BEING EXPOSED TO.

When we were kids (thinking Gen X’ers), our parents and us shared one world. Then the internet happened. Bam, draw the generational divide and made it clear, and it will never go away now. From 1995 to 2005 the world and the way kids interacted changed 150%. From folded notes and get-togethers to texting and Snapchat, the world is advancing at a pace to great for those of us in it to keep up.

But the kids, well, they keep up with that shit because they are kids. This means by the time you kid is ten, there will be some new form of communication that you have very little knowledge of, yet they will be well-versed in, able to mass-text sickly things that you don’t even know kids know about. The world continues to advance technologically at the pace it has, parents will be pretty much obsolete and the kids will be raising themselves on apps.

Not healthy, yet we are already pretty much there.

End of Days

And to top it all off, we just dropped a MOAB on Isis, seemingly unaware they are terrorist “pockets” all over the world. Bombing one place where they had (allegedly) congregated isn’t gonna do shit but piss off all the different sects of Isis located all over the world. We now have a target painted on our heads. Now imagine, you have a stroke or you and wife or hubby die in car accident. Who is left to protect your child from this World War III shit? Kids are banging one another at like 13 now. What do you do when you kid comes home from school one day and tells you they are having a kid? Do you see the bigger picture now?

But let me guess, you didn’t think about ANY OF THESE FACTORS because you wanted to meet the paradigms for the role society laid out for you? You just thought “I will have a family because that is what expected of me” without thinking what kind of world you were bringing that or those kids into.

Guess what? Bad choice.

Kids are Zombies And You Are Selfish

The irony in all of this is, kids are the closest thing we have in society to zombies. They LITERALLY feed off the mother. They take all your money and sleep and time and energy. You have to do everything to please them, then at the end of the day, they may just throw you in a home because that is just how fucking ironic life is.

That or you die and they get torn apart by World War III Shrapnel, screaming your name while trying to stuff their intestines back into their gaping stomach wound.

Granted, those could be extreme examples but my point is made.

You bring a kid into a broken world, you end up with a broken kid. Only selfish assholes would bring more broken things into this world right now, straight up.   

You want to know the REAL secret to happiness talk to the couple who had no kids, retired at 50, traveled, and lived the life they wanted without bringing one into the world that ruined them and in turn, got ruined.

Someone has to say this shit. Might as well be me!

Featured image by Alex de Haas via Flickr.