Why Video Marketing is an Absolute Must in 2017

There you are.

Your mind goes blank as its red eye stares back at you. Your forehead is beaded with sweat and you’re freaking nervous. This was your time to shine but you completely flaked out from standing in front of that damn camera.

Technology has brought a huge paradigm shift in how people consume information and how successful entrepreneurs run their businesses.

It’s hard to ignore that more and more people have access to faster internet with their mobile devices. This is a huge moment in history because it gives us an opportunity to view the world in a whole new way.

Live video streaming continues to be an upward trend because it takes people less time to consume content.

So what does video mean for you and your business?

In today’s market, consumers don’t want to be sold to. Their BS meters are on alert day and night.

The basics of marketing haven’t changed but you must constantly increase your skill sets to learn and understand the consumption patterns of the evolving market.

The reality is that video is going to continue to become stronger and the primary way people purchase products and services online.

You won’t be able to ignore that video marketing will be a necessity to create brand awareness and generate revenue for your business.

Don’t you want a more effective way to close the gap between your business and your target audience?

The best way to build rapport and earn the trust of your target audience by using video. You can use video to clearly convey your marketing message and connect with your target audience a lot faster.

There is no perfect time to start using video because the top social platforms, like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, have upgraded in a major way.

Want to get your feet wet before diving into live streaming on social platforms?

If you’re a video phobe, like me, then you’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to start doing live video yet. There are a few things you can do that can be an effective marketing strategy for your business.

Camera shy?

No problem.

You can use two creative ways to create video to attract your target, increase your brand awareness, and make that money.

Create Videos via Screen Sharing

If you are quite ready to be in front of the camera, then you’ll love creating screen sharing videos. This type of video is excellent for educating your target audience on your products or services.

You must find a reliable screen share software to record the screen of your computer or mobile device.

Depending on your preference you can use ScreenFlow or Camtasia. You can even use the software that’s included on your mobile device or computer.

Create Video Slideshows

I discovered an awesome tool from Facebook Maven, Mari Smith, to create beautiful video slideshows with Animoto.

This cloud-based video creation service allows you to create amazing videos from photos, video clips, sound bites, and music.

You can create professional looking video to tell a visual story about your products, services, or business.

Ready to be in front of the camera but not go live?

I completely understand. I’m not quite ready for live video but I’m recording videos for my loyal fan base.

I have made a commitment to create two videos a week for my private community. It’s only been a month and the butterflies are disappearing more and more with every produced video.

All you need is your mobile device and an app, Open Camera, to record video content for your business. Once you get more comfortable, then you can upgrade with the fancy video equipment to produce stunning content for your target audience.

We’re only a week into 2017.

This may be the year when live streaming completely takes off and is the norm for businesses and individuals. Are you going to evolve like the market or are you going to get left behind?

Featured image by jsawkins via Flickr.