Youth Runners From Standing Rock Arrive in Santa Monica, CA

Youth runners from Standing Rock arrived in Santa Monica, CA on Monday, November 21 to continue a show of resistance their the North Dakota Access Pipeline. They were greeted and joined by hundreds of supporters on Santa Monica Pier. People of all ages and colors were there to support the right to clean water and to oppose the militarized force that is being used against peaceful protesters at Standing Rock.

Lance and Toyah Browneyes were among the supporters. They have both been protesting this particular issue as well as numerous other issues like cultural appropriation that threaten the dignity of Native Americans.

Lance has been to Standing Rock and witnessed first hand the atrocities that are occurring. He has seen elders be strip searched and protesters be hosed down with pressure hoses in 25 degree weather. The struggle against hypothermia is a real concern right now.

Protesters have been stripped and put into dog kennels as well as other types of confinement. “They stripped searched elders and put numbers on their hands just like they did in the holocaust,” Lance said. Toyah added that many of the elderly women who take medication are being refused medical attention. These are just some of the human rights abuses that are taking place.

The youth runners have run all over the nation. In fact, back in August, the youth ran all the way to Washington D.C., The pipeline has been approved, however, and the Native treaty is not being honored.

The event attracted many activists and supporters of the youth runners and many community leaders and organizers were present to give speeches and inspiration. Check on future events here.

Featured image by Lance Browneyes.