Hillary Supporters, Here is a List of Missed Opportunities

Stuck between a hard place and rock, center-left independent voters, specifically Bernie supporters, were expected to choose Hillary over Donald.

Post election, Hillary supporters have bombarded social media, blaming Bernie supporters for Trump’s victory. These accusations oversimplify the complexity of this unprecedented election AND ignore one very simple fact; Hillary made no effort to earn the support of the Berners.

If Hillary truly cared about Bernie supporters, she would have made an effort; here is my short list of missed opportunities.

1. If Hillary was truly about breaking glass ceilings, she failed to break an obvious one; debate the other woman, Jill Stein. For the first time in US presidential election history, two women could have debated. Instead, Hillary left out the Green Party presidential candidate in the cold. The inclusion of Jill Stein, the other woman, would have sent a different message to third party voters. Consequently, the exclusion of Jill also sent a clear message; this is not about women, this is about Hillary, about the Clinton Dynasty.

2.  The confrontation between Native Americans and law enforcement over the North Dakota access pipeline was another missed opportunity to show solidarity with progressives. Instead, Hillary remained silent for fear of losing support from the center-right. I suspect that if she ever runs again, Hillary will predictably say, “I am sorry, I now recognize what the North Dakota pipeline meant to the Native American community, I should have said something in 2016, I now recognize my mistake.”

3. Rather than genuinely acknowledge the content of her emails, and provide context wherever possible, Hillary and company shifted focus towards Russian hackers and Putin. Clever move, except that the content pissed off the “basement dwellers,” many “needy” Latinos and some “bastardized” Catholics. Furthermore, the emails exposed the obvious, “the need for a public and private position” on political issues at a time when people are demanding transparency.

4. Hillary played with people’s emotions. In a typical PR move, Hilary “leaked” her “short list” of Vice Presidential candidates in which Julian Castro, a Latino Texas politician was being considered. For days, weeks, my Facebook feed was swamped with articles about a “Latino in the white house.” Other notable shortlist candidates were Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown and Tom Perez. Once again, Hillary played it safe and selected Tim Kaine; she won Virginia BUT lost Texas and a significant percentage of Latin@ voters.

5. Hillary hired her friend Debbie Whatshername Schultz, after she was pressured to resign as DNC Chair for tampering with primary elections. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, the new DNC Chair, Donna Brazile also went beyond the call of duty to assist Hillary; Donna gave Hillary a question prior to the debate and Hillary graciously accepted it. My first thought, why did Hillary accept the question? – she is a glass ceiling breaking strong woman debating Trump, a candidate with a 4th grade vocabulary and limited understanding of foreign and domestic policies. Hiring Debbie Whatshername was an egregious act against the Berners, who vehemently protested and pressured Debbie Whatshername to resign as DNC Chair.

6. Rather than genuinely accept her own resume, Hillary misused Civil Rights leaders to portray a progressive agenda and embark on a fear campaign against Trump – “Vote for Hillary, unless you want Trump to win” was a common slogan during the primaries. In reality, it was very difficult to know exactly what Hillary stood for. During the primaries, every time Bernie proposed a policy, Hillary claimed it as hers; despite a lack of evidence. Moving forward, thanks to social media, politicians can no longer say one thing, do another and expect the general population to willingly accept the discrepancy.

7. It is undermining and insulting to argue that the nation is not ready for a woman in the White House –No Democrat made this argument in 2008 when the voters rejected the McCain-Palin Presidential ticket. Just as Democrats saw Palin as unfit for the White House, independent of gender, others saw Clinton as unfit for the White house, also independent of gender. There is no doubt that we as a nation have much to grow in the area of gender equality. That is VERY obvious. But it is also obvious that Hillary is a member of the Clinton Dynasty with a very sketchy resume. The use of identity politics to guilt people into voting for entitlement was completely wrong and we are more equipped to research than ever before. Obama’s endorsement and publicity stunt that Hillary is the most qualified candidate in US history was laughable – he completely contradicted his 2008 position; thank you YouTube. Stop lying. Stop exaggerating. Stop with your entitlement and work to earn our vote.

Third party voters want change, substantial change beyond gender or color and Hillary represents more of the same. Hillary pride fully highlights her role in the Middle East wars – though Democrats are quick to place all blame GW Bush and fail to recognize their unwavering support. This generation of voters is much more informed and will not stand for these inconsistencies; Do what you say and say what you do.

My entire adult life I have been expected to support a Democratic ticket as a means to prevent a Republican in office. I will no longer play along. If the DNC wants my vote or that of other center-left independent voters, they must earn it by shifting their focus from center-right to a progressive left. Ironically, Hillary and her base were proud to announce their endorsement by the Bush family and other Republicans. To that I say, congratulations on being successfully endorsed by so many Republicans, but stop expecting us to go along and vote for the lesser of two evils. If Democrats don’t think that voting for The Clinton Dynasty is a vote for the lesser of two evils, they don’t understand the progressive left, independent voters and the true inheritance of the millennials.

Featured image by Marc Nozell via Flickr.