donald trump cartoon

Political cartoon for the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper.

Donald Trump  has said a lot of things. This cartoon gets it right. Donald Trump has said a lot of lies. I was against the Iraq War. I did not create the birther issue with President Obama. I pay my taxes. I have a good relationship with the black community. I am not a racist. I have the right temperament to be president. I respect women. I never discriminated against blacks in my housing projects. I won the debate.

These are just a few amazing lies that Donald Trump cartoon has told. David G. Brown does a nice job of skewering the presidential candidate. Donald Trump uses Twitter to convey his messages. Many of his messages are lies. As we near election day, many of his lies are coming to light. 

One such Donald Trump cartoon is this one right here which perfectly portrays many of his lies. David G. Brown is a talented cartoonist. Donald Trump’s net worth is still yet unknown. Melania Trump, his wife, was a beautiful model. She has defended him on many occasions. He has been accused of sexual harassment on numerous occasions. Most recently, though, he has confessed to sexual harassment in his Billy Bush interview with a live mic. He admitted to grab them by the pussy and that he doesn’t even wait to kiss them. 

Donald Trump is running against Hillary Clinton. He repeatedly calls her “crooked Hillary.” That is his nickname for her. Donald Trump has built Trump Towers and many hotels. He has made steaks. 

This Donald Trump cartoon illustrates just how many lies Donald Trump has told. Many are wondering if he will have the electoral votes needed to become the president. This funny cartoon makes it seem impossible. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are definitely both in agreement that he is a risky candidate.