Since its inception hip hop has moved to the beat in two different worlds: the world of activism and social consciousness, and the world of bling, booty shakin and blastin motherfuckers. Upon these two foundations has grown an entertaining and thought-provoking art form. One that seeks social change, but one that also frequently worships upon the altar of materialism.

One phenomenon that has been the most puzzling involves paying homage to a rich white man: Donald Trump. Yes, you read that correctly. Donald Trump has a history of being somewhat admired in rap lyrics, despite the undeniable fact that, if nothing else, he is the epitome of “the man.” Throughout the years he has received a lot of love from rap lyrics. But that love is quickly evaporating.

YG and Nipsey Hussle have just released “FDT” which stands for, you guessed it–Fuck Donald Trump. Check out the video and then stick around to compare its tone and content with some lyrics from the past.

Now that you’ve had a chance to sample the current feelings toward The Donald, let’s check out the privilege he is used to receiving. We’ve definitely come a long way.

“Take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump shit.” -Mac Miller, ‘Donald Trump’

What Donald shit is this that Mac Miller speaks of? Takin over the world, you say? Not sure if that prospect sounds so promising now that we’ve had the chance to see Donald Trump up close and personal, steaks and all.

“I buy cars with straight cash, have meetings with Donald Trump.” – Ludacris, ‘Hip Hop Quotables’

Something tells me that Ludacris may be using a little hyperbole here, and in fact, will not be having meetings with Donald Trump. What would they discuss? How Trump just loves black people? How he wants to build a wall to keep the Mexican rapists out? Ludacris might have to cancel.

“Breathing off a Trump budget. Fresh out of bloomies with the Louie Luggage.” -AZ, ‘The Format’

Who actually knows what Trump’s budget is because he still has not released his tax returns. Maybe by the end of his campaign he’ll have to call up AZ for a loan.

“I started out broke, got rich, lost paper then made it back/Like Trump being up, down, up, play with cash.” -Nas, ‘Loco-Motive’

That’s exactly what America needs right now. Somebody who’s just gonna be up and down, up and down, playin around with cash. Of course, the actual truth is that The Donald is a winner. Like, he always wins. It’s marvelous, it really is.

‘Rae’s a heavy generator, but yo, guess who’s the black Donald Trump?” – Raekwon, ‘Incarcerated Scarfaces’

What would the black Donald Trump be like? Probably a lot better than the white one. Or the orange one. Maybe those that no longer feel the Bern and can’t stomach Hillary should go ahead and vote for a rapper. Raekwon might be the best place to start.