Kaiser nurses strike in Los Angeles over inadequate staffing, low wages and jeopardized patient care. The nurses, many a part of the California Nurses Association and the National Nurses United, claim that “some patients are being discharged from the hospital prematurely.” Among other things, the nurses are concerned that patients are being placed in lower level care than is appropriate, and some patients aren’t being admitted when they should be. Instead they are being placed in “Observational Status” in which they incur additional costs because “they were never an admitted patient in the first place.”

Tinny Abogado, who has been a Step Down RN for the past 15 years at Kaiser, said that “corporate greed” is one of the reasons Kaiser is making these decisions. She is striking along with 1,300 other nurses at the Kaiser location on Sunset in Hollywood. She is concerned that the well-being of patients and nurses well-being is being jeopardized by inadequate staffing.

Listen to her talk about her concerns in the this video: