According to Urban Dictionary, a geek is somebody you “pick on in high school and end up working for as an adult.” No wonder people love to hate on these unfortunate/fortunate suckers who just happen to be smarter than you, but not quite as cool as you there in your white Vans. It must suck to be one of these dudes who get picked on and unappreciated, but it must suck more to be one of the people who has to face up to some karma and answer to a guy wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and Vans. Geek culture memes tap into this misplaced aggression and make us more well-adjusted (dumb) people feel like ha ha! these people aren’t cool. See I told ya.

Geek culture memes, though, after the laughter has died down, expose the truly naked truth of what a bunch of morons we are and why we should probably emulate geeks a little more and the Kardashians a little less.

Exhibit A:

geek culture memes

Ok, let’s break this down:


Ha ha! You’re probably thinking. Instead of being funny, geeks are using puns which result in a small chuckle, as if a mosquito somewhere just hiccuped. But geek culture memes such as the above show how far we’ve come from the Shakespeare days. Word wizards from the Bard’s day were able to deftly compose sentences and utter them forth with such great skill that it would cut a man down to size with something as simple as a few syllables. The fact that we make fun of people who can use words in a creative way shows just how idiotic we are. The pen is mightier than the sword, and that geek over there is mightier than you. What do you think a modern day rapper is? A word warrior. that’s what.


This one makes a good point. If your swear word is not an actual swear word then you need therapy. Seriously, you might need to lie on some guy’s couch and get in touch with your anger or some shit like that. However, let’s not hate on geeks just because they actually have a vocabulary that offers them something other than “bitch” “fuck” or “shit” or any combination thereof. In all seriousness, what the frak is wrong with saying frak?

Weird Ways of Celebrating Holidays

Oh, I get it. You just love the same old caroling and hot chocolate and Christmas pageants. I see, you actually find comfort in doing the same thing over and over and over again in the same old ways. Yes, you’re just so in love with the age old traditions, and therefore when geeks do something that doesn’t quite fit that tradition, you whip out the ref stripes and call foul. Somebody has not landed within the narrow confines of the playing field. Yes, we cool people find that really annoying.

Dissecting Movies

It’s such a bother to have to talk about what happened in a movie. Plot, character, acting, cinematography come dangerously close to sounding educated. And we all know that cool kids don’t want to sound too smart. Adults either. After all, most of us know that movies are simply there to make you laugh or make you cry or make you shit your pants. They’re certainly not meant to inspire complex thought or make you see the world in a new way. What would be the point of that?

Wearing Geeky T-Shirts to Normal Places

I love it when we, the cooler people, talk about “normal.” How did the cool people in high school and college suddenly graduate to the fashion police? Can you get a minor in that or something? If so, we all should’ve received one because we really are the ultimate authority on what to wear in your various social situations.

Requiring Extra Room for Geeky Things

Yeah, that’s annoying. Geek culture memes got it right on this one. But all your non-geeky junk, though. That’s absolutely essential.

Geeky Toys and Decorations

They can be hard to explain to kids, you say? Yeah, wouldn’t want to have a conversation piece in your hand that kids dig. It might actually build synapses in their minds through dialogue and spark their curiosity also. And kids don’t like toys. Quick, hide your action figures!

Looking up Information for an Argument

I guess the annoying thing about this is that it’s right in the middle of the argument? And presumably it is to support a claim. These geek culture memes really hit the nail on the head. How annoying. Especially if that information pops up and inconveniently exposes you for being a dumb ass. Why can’t these geeks just be normal and talk out of their ass like everyone else?

Needing to Watch TV Shows ASAP to Avoid Spoilers

Okay bro. The next time the NBA Finals are on, just DVR it and go to barbecue and chill with your homies for the evening. Make sure you avoid people who might be watching or discussing it. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Then get back in the car and leisurely make your way home to your crib. Do a few suicides and pull-ups and then plop down on the couch and reach for the remote. No rush. It can wait, right?

Geeky Projects that Take Over the Whole House

Not sure what this one is talking about. What, does Doc Brown frequently crash at your house or something? The geeks of today aren’t doing science experiments in your living room, they’re hacking your computer and trolling your on Instagram. Stop reading this and go do a quick security check. The geeks are taking over, dontcha know.