“Imagination is more important than knowledge” is a quote credited to Albert Einstein, whom many believe to be one of the smartest men in modern times. This quote however, should not be confused with what your uncle Frank said after smoking a bowl of grass. What he said may have sounded smart, but was really just plain stupid. When it comes to uttering things that sound smart, but really aren’t, shroom wisdom is your best bet. It can make even the most idiotic person seem like they actually have a somewhat useful set of brain cells upstairs.

This decade old gem from YouTube illustrates how shrooms make it possible for an average dude to philosophize about an array of subjects he knows nothing about.




A cursory glance at the subject in the video reveals that he is neither on Einstein’s level, nor does he possess the mad genius of Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown. This guy is not going to win The Nobel Prize nor is he going to build any time machines to voyage into the future. Yet his wisdom still alluring. We reached him via Snapchat and requested he build us a time machine so that we could go back and interview him at the exact moment he had his epiphany. He declined, stating only, that Snapchat hadn’t been invented yet.

We soon realized that we had already built a time machine and were already living in the present day in which this video was made. So we sneaked in to the location and shot a video of the video. The two accounts are virtually indistinguishable, which gives rise to the theory that there are multiple universes and scenarios being played out at this moment and at every moment in time.

“You have to discriminate between one indecipherable point,” the guy kept saying. At the time we didn’t know what he meant. But upon reviewing the footage, it should be entirely clear what he meant by this. Watch the video again and see if you can figure it out.