Hilton Ariel Ruiz, the unconventional director responsible for the web-series Zombie with a Shotgun, is gaining a head of steam for his new kickstarter campaign. He is finally ready to begin his mission and bring his loyal fans what they’ve been waiting for. Ruiz took a few moments to tell Morpheus some of what we can expect from this project.

Morpheus // What motivated/inspired you to write Zombie with a Shotgun?
 Ruiz // I always wanted to make my own interpretation of a zombie film where everything is not about the humans. I want this project to be about the zombies. Zombie with a Shotgun is going to be that zombie film where all the rules we know about zombie films go right out the window.

So that’s what separates this endeavor from its predecessors?

Yes, in this film, zombie(s) are going to be the heroes and we are going to change the whole mythology of zombies. We want to able to show that zombies can think and they can also be the hero at the end.
You have a lot of fans on social media. How have they reacted to your ideas?
They love it. It’s the main reason why I keep on grinding it out until we make this film. Without the fans, this project wouldn’t be able to be done.
zombie with a shotgun
You have produced a web series, and are in the midst of a comic, and are planning a feature-length film. How do these three different mediums influence the story line and characters? 
The web-series started it all. From there the fans wanted more. So I went to the comic and now to the feature. Everything from the web-series to the comic will all be in the feature.
When it comes to the feature film, who do you envision playing the main characters? Do you have any specific actors in mind?
At the moment not sure. I’m happy with the guy who is playing Aaron. We haven’t made the decision mainly because we want to concentrate on raising the money. Without the money, there are no characters at all.
Are there any plans for introducing new characters or plot twists for the feature-length film?
Absolutely. There are going to be many plot twists and new character introduced. Look out for characters that have supernatural powers.
zombie with a shotgun
What is your timeline for the release of the comic and the film production?
We are going to have the kick-starter Campaign launch on March 29, 2016, Tuesday at 6pm ET. Hoping we reach our goal, we would like to go into production in mid-summer. The comic should be released during the production of the film.

For more info, check out the kickstarter campaign.