Single peeps have been vigorously swiping away on Tinder for some time. The dating app now claims over 50 million users. But how do you break through all the clutter to find exactly what you’re looking for? If you really want to know how to Tinder, you should ask somebody who has already walked the path.

Fortunately, a guy named Nick, the founder of TinderTraining, has put together a plan that will point you in the right direction if you’re drowning in an ocean of hyped up digital strangers. We caught up with Nick via email and asked him a few questions about how to do this shit right.


For someone who is new at Tinder, what would be the first thing you’d say to them?

Take time and effort to design an attractive profile. Tinder is so artificial and based on looks, so you need to give yourself every opportunity to stand out. Every detail of your profile should be a talking point and either persuade them to match, or to swipe to the next picture, or to check out your Instagram for further info on you.


What kind of photo is the most successful at attracting a lot of interest?

You should be well dressed – suit pictures work very well. Your face should be clear. Some group/social pictures are ok towards the end of your pictures. If you have a nice body and work out a lot, show this off in a way which isn’t cringey and do it subtly.


How do you approach the messaging/conversation aspect on Tinder?

The rule for messaging is to first ensure you do message. If your profile is set up well, you can get distracted by the amount of matches you get. Your first message should be unique, funny, confident and energetic all in one! Avoid sexual comments and never just say ‘hey’.


How can you escalate a digital interaction in order to lead to an in-person interaction?

The basic structure is as below:


–       Opening message

–       Small talk

–       Practical elements – location, working hours, living arrangements

–       Social media – get their accounts to check them out in more detail

–       Ask for number, get on whatsapp

–       Small talk on whatsapp, then ask for a date

It is a simple process, but you must follow the process and not skip any stages.


What are the most common mistakes guys make?

Getting sexual. A lot of girls will ask what are you looking for on here? Never, ever say sex. Keep it fun or just something casual. Every girl EVER does not just want to sleep with the first guy they talk to. Make out you are looking for something more long term and that you are a genuine, nice guy – not a player. Beware of the time-wasters. Some women will just want to chat and not commit to giving social media accounts, numbers or meeting. Do not waste your time on these. Move on.


How can a Tinder veteran/expert refine and upgrade their game?

After having the success I’ve had on Tinder, the main mistake I make is getting distracted by new matches. As I mentioned earlier, you should speak to everyone, because not every conversation you have will lead to a date. So make the most of all matches, any matches rekindle the fire! I can teach you how easily. It’s effectively like a business model – it’s much easier to build rapport with existing matches (customers) than it is with new ones (customers)! They have already said ‘yes’ to you!

Tell us 3 of the most important Tinder tips.


–       Develop your profile (a client of mine started getting 60 matches a week from this)

–       Don’t talk about sex, be flirting and cheeky but don’t be too direct.

–       Follow the structure I outlined above and ditch time-wasters.

I also have one special trick which supercharges matches, you will have to e-mail me for that information!