One-hundred years ago Albert Einstein predicted an event that just occurred on Thursday, February 11. Scientists can now hear “ripples in the space-time continuum that are produced by cosmic events — called gravitational waves.” The breakthrough is a monumental event in the scientific community and confirms what we’ve always suspected. We’re not alone in the universe. We’ve got these things right by our side that are vibrating and making a bunch of racket, albeit inaudible to the untrained ear.

Not everyone is thrilled though. We caught up with a straight F student at an alternative school in the Los Angeles area so that he could shed some light on the matter. We’ll call him Frank.


So, I guess it’s true, right? About gravity being a warping force that influences everything in the universe.


Can you please put away your cell phone?

Hold on, my mom’s calling me.

* * *

gravitational waves 2


According to the BBC, “the signals they [lasers] detect are incredibly subtle and disturb the machines, known as interferometers, by just fractions of the width of an atom. How do you respond to something like that?

I don’t know. Is this gonna be on the test?

Don’t you care about this?

Not really. What time is lunch again?

*  *  *

According to Yahoo News, this discovery has “opened humanity’s ears to the music of the cosmos and proved Einstein right again.” Is that not fascinating?

Mind if I listen to my iPod?

Yes, I do mind.

* * *

gravitational waves

Hello? Can you hear me? Please turn off your music.


Please remove your earphones and turn off your music. I’m speaking to you.

Sorry, can’t hear you. Just a sec.

This interview is over. Thank you for your time.