If reading minds were actually possible, you could rule the world. Maybe even have a better love life as a result. In this case, the two of you, instead, seem to come from different planets in terms of communication.

Here are some of the most common bullshit lies women tell men and what they truly mean.


“I’m Fine”

I’m lying. I’m not really fine, but if you don’t say something in the next minute, you’re screwed (not in the good way).”


“I’m Not Hungry”

“I’m starving, but I don’t want to seem like a greedy pig, so I’ll just order the salad and then eat off your plate, which you better not complain about. “


“I Just Want A Nice Guy”

I just want a bad boy that can treat me like a princess, but with the dark and tough exterior. However, he needs to also make me laugh, buy me gifts and shower me with love- all the fixings of a nice guy, sans the predictability.”


“Does This Make Me Look Fat?”

“I know I look horrible in this but I just want to see if you’re dumb enough to actually tell me the truth.”


“I Don’t Care Where We Eat”

“I do care where we eat but I don’t want to come off as pushy so I’m going to make you pass 20 restaurants before I can make a decision, then get mad at you because I’m already hungry and it’s taking too long. “


“Do You Think She’s Pretty?”

“I think she is hotter than me, but you aren’t allowed to admit it. Therefore you better say no.”


“Do Whatever You Want”

“I’m testing your judgment and if you do something beyond stupid, you really can do whatever you want from now on because we are finished. “


“I Need Space”

“I am sick of you and want you to go away. Don’t come back until I tell you to.”


“We Need To Talk”

“I need to complain and you need to just shut up and listen. “


“Let’s Just See Where This Goes”

“I actually have another guy that I really like on the side so make it count because I need to make a decision.”





“Let’s Get a Dog!”

“I’m ready to have babies but I don’t want you to think that I am trying to get pregnant too soon. I’ll know how you feel about family about it based on your answer about the dog.”


“Forget About It”

“I’ve asked you a million times to help me with sharing chores. I want you to want to help.”


“We’ll See”



“No, I’m Not Mad”

“I’m Angry”


‘Say what you mean and mean what you say”. It’s an adage that has stood the test of time. Keep these handy examples in mind as your get out of jail free card the next time you’re stuck in a precarious situation with your woman.