Right now, all over the world, there are thousands of people logging onto the computer with one goal in mind. These people have one purpose; they want to screw with you. Some of them want your money, some of them want your secrets, and some of them want to mess around with you purely because they think it’s fun. Here are 5 types of hackers that have it out for you.


Hackers That Want Your Money

This one is obvious. If you have money, someone, somewhere is trying to figure out how to take it, and a good cyber criminal can make some serious coin if they have the skills. These guys want to get into your bank account, use your credit card numbers, and steal your identity or passwords. Who knows, maybe someone out there just bought a car yesterday under your name?

Hackers That Want You To Buy Their Product

Were you wondering why all of those ads for Adult Friend Finder keep popping up on your computer at the worst possible times? It’s because spammers and adware hackers have noticed that you keep trolling through the “Casual Encounters” section on Craigslist. These guys might call themselves “marketers” but they really are just hackers in a prettier package than others on this list.

Hackers That Want Your Secrets

This one is a good news-bad news kind of situation. If you are poor, or an average middle class drone you will never come into contact with these guys. That is the good news. But if you run a profitable business, or work at one there are all sorts of hackers out there coming after you. They either want to duplicate your product and methods so they can sell it themselves, or they just want to sell your information to the highest bidder. These guys are a bit more organized and well funded than your average cyber criminals and if they get on to you…look out.


This type of hacker doesn’t want your money. They just want to make a fool out of you on the biggest stage possible. These guys are motivated by political, environmental, or religious reasons. Usually they will just hack into your website and make you look like a monkey. Sometimes they will take over your social media accounts as well. Check out the guys at Anonymous for a good example of this kind of scene.

Hackers That Mess With You For Fun

These guys are the Internet equivalent of the prank phone call of the past. They write code and try to start viruses to try and mess up your computer. They try and figure out your Facebook password so they can pose as you and leave embarrassing comments on other people’s walls. They are mostly harmless, but when they stop smoking so much weed they often graduate to being cyber criminals.