Tom Brady and Susan Sarandon know a lot. How to throw a touchdown pass. How to win an Oscar. How to be just all around awesome. They also know something else. How to shut it all off after it’s over.

You have five senses and you’ve been using them every single day of your life since you were born. They are the worker bees that serve you in order so that you can function in the world. So here’s a news flash. Your senses are tired. Like most people, maybe you “relax” by sitting like a zombie in front of the TV or drinking a glass of wine or a myriad other distractions that change up the scenery but don’t actually give you deep rest. These types of activities do give you some relaxation, but not to the degree that other activities do.

If you really want to unplug, then do it for real.

There are various ways to do this: Sleep, meditation, exercise, and massage are a few. However, allow me to introduce you to the technological age, contraption-oriented, quasi-scientific way of giving your mind and body the permission to chill the fuck out.

The float tank.

This is what celebrities like Tom Brady, Susan Sarandon, and Joe Rogan are using as a way of de-stressing themselves from the pressures of everyday life. And not just them. Regular people from kids to the elderly are also getting in on this action, or uh… lack of it.

See, when you go into a float tank, you are entering an environment of sensory deprivation. This might sound like you’re missing out on something, but what you’re really missing out on is all the shit that’s stressing you out. Not only that, you’re giving your brain a chance to literally unplug. When free from external stimuli, the brain can slip into deep states of relaxation and get some good vibes going in the form of alpha and theta waves.

These brain waves are the kind that are brought about by meditation. So basically, the float tank could be viewed as a shortcut to a meditative state or at least a way to get some of the same benefits. You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama, you could just be a guy who wants to chill.

Float tanks just might be for you. And it doesn’t have to set you back too much. For example, places like Float Lab in Westwood, CA will give you a 2-hour session for $41.50. You’ll go into a dark room, disrobe and sink into some skin temperature water. Because of the heavy salinity of the water, you will literally be in zero gravity for an hour or two. No distractions, no worries, no damn text messages.

The cheeseburger, beer and iPhone will be there when you get back, man. Trust me.