The earth isn’t flat, it’s round. And neither does the sun revolve around the earth. You know this if you’ve been paying attention for the past thousand years. Yes, the human race has made many discoveries over the years and knowledge skyrocketed. We can put a dune buggy on Mars and a computer chip in your ass. We’ve discovered all kinds of shit.

Before TED Talks, there was Ashley Graham

Now there’s this large curvy female on the scene whose name is Ashley Graham who needed to actually give a TED Talk to explain what we’ve only recently discovered; that women like her are attractive. That revelation has to be somewhere on par with recognizing your own shadow on the inside of a cave. Long overdue, genius.

Graham has an hourglass figure of 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds. Her breast-waist-hip ratio of 42-30-46 has been opening eyes and dropping jaws everywhere. Hitherto, dudes have been staring at the glossy 33-26-35 Kate Moss and other sultry waifs on the covers of Vogue and Cosmopolitan, none the wiser.

“For thousands of years the human race has known that large curvy women are worthy of revering.”

Seriously? For thousands of years the human race has known that large curvy women are worthy of revering, and in fact, in many countries on this very planet, full-figured women have been considered attractive for many years. Catch a flight to Tahiti or Samoa or Afghanistan or South Africa or Jamaica or Tonga or Fiji and see for yourself. This has been common knowledge in those countries for eons and it’s only now that others are catching on.

Fashion Industry, meet Ashley Graham

Evidently the fashion industry just got the memo. They’ve had their heads shoved up their asses for so long that they just figured people wanted to gawk exclusively at crazy sexy skinny 24/7. But now with the discovery of Ashley Graham, you will be seeing more voluptuous women like Chenese Lewis, Whitney Thompson, and Madeline Figueroa-Jones.

Folks, the paradigm has shifted and human knowledge is growing. You don’t need an encyclopedia to realize that chubby women are totally doin it for half the men on the planet. We’ve just been waiting for the fashion industry to catch up.